Daily Devotions

A Rare Guest

Why these devotions?

As one pastor put it, "...the Gospel is a rare guest in men’s consciences, while the Law is their daily and familiar companion...". In other words, we are, on a daily basis, overwhelmed by what we must or should do. From sunrise to sunset, our days are filled with obligations and duties, punishments and (sometimes) rewards. 

The gospel, however, is something altogether unique. Neither a carrot nor a stick, the gospel is God's unilateral good news. These devotions are simply about promises and the life that flows from them. 

We hope these devotions can be a blessing to you, whatever your circumstance. To subscribe, simply fill out the form just to the right.

  • Why do we call them devotions? Naturally, one thinks of the focus, the sacrifice, and the dedication it takes to daily meditate on something.

    If that's our definition, is it any wonder maintaining a devotional life might feel like a chore? We might wonder if another scheduled task is really what we need, especially when days crammed with more work than we can handle are waiting for us.