Daily Devotions

A Rare Guest

Why these devotions?

As one pastor put it, "...the Gospel is a rare guest in men’s consciences, while the Law is their daily and familiar companion...". In other words, we are, on a daily basis, overwhelmed by what we must or should do. From sunrise to sunset, our days are filled with obligations and duties, punishments and (sometimes) rewards. 

The gospel, however, is something altogether unique. Neither a carrot nor a stick, the gospel is God's unilateral good news. These devotions are simply about promises and the life that flows from them. 

We hope these devotions can be a blessing to you, whatever your circumstance. To subscribe, simply fill out the form just to the right.

  • For the most part, we can approach the people above us with freedom and confidence. We call our bosses by their first names, bring them our complaints, and sometimes (sometimes) the relational develops beyond the mundane transactions of the factory floor or the store. 

  • If you surveyed a few dozens bystanders around town and asked them what Christian's message was, what might they say? Perhaps something about morals or compassion for the needy or acting a little more like Jesus. Perhaps not. 

  • It always seems an impossible task. We're asked to write a short autobiography--a few lines will do. What do we write, what do we write? How do you condense a person (and all that they are, for good or ill) down to a few lines? Yet, at the end, given that this person writes accurately, those few sentences will speak volumes. 


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