Daily Devotions

Check the Tag

Presents come with tags. Those tags tell us two pieces of information: from whom and to (or for) whom. 

Now imagine spending a Christmas unwrapping gifts without any tag. The gifts may be nice, they may be wrapped neatly, even with a bow, but if it's not for you, it doesn't mean as much. Will you get to keep it? Was there any love behind it? Was it meant for someone who was was more loved? 

Let there be no confusion about this: that when Christ came into this world, he came for you! He didn't come for good people or people who feel good about themselves. He came for all people. Hear how Isaiah puts it: 

       "For to us a child is born, 
           to us a son is given"
 - Isaiah 9:6 

Heavenly Father, when you sent your Son into this world, you signed the tag. Reassure us that as much as you know the very hairs on our head, you also included us, personally in your plan of salvation. Amen.