Daily Devotions

Freedom and Confidence

"In him and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence."- Ephesians 3:12 

For the most part, we can approach the people above us with freedom and confidence. We call our bosses by their first names, bring them our complaints, and sometimes (sometimes) the relational develops beyond the mundane transactions of the factory floor or the store. 

But there are times where freedom and confidence are nowhere to be found. If you've ever worked with expensive equipment or delicate business relations, perhaps you know the gut-knotting feeling of ruining something. Something expensive, something critical, something that will upset the boss. When you wish you had freedom and confidence, they have utterly evaporated. Filling in for them are timidity, fear, and frustration. 

The spiritual instinct is much the same, isn't it? At some point, a realization of what we've done hits us. Hard. And in those times, it can seem best to make ourselves scarce, to keep our distance from God (he hates sin, doesn't he?), but to do so would be to forget the role Christ played. 

Christ made peace. He diverted God's anger over sin to himself and directed God's pleasure towards you. You can approach God with freedom and confidence. 

Merciful Lord, you gave your life to take away our shame. Give us confidence in your mercy, that we might approach your throne to pray, praise, and give you thanks. Amen.