Daily Devotions

Scrap to Splendor

Scrap. That was their destiny.  

In the Old Testament, God's people failed to live up to their name. Worse, they outdid their pagan neighbors (Ezekiel 5:7). Cautions hardened into warnings, into ultimatums. The Lord showed Judah love, but they remained cold.  

So scrap would be their destiny. In Jeremiah 19, Jeremiah buys a clay pot, then gathers and leads Judah's leaders outside, where he shatters it (traditionally in a place thought to be a smoldering garbage heap). He tells them the fate of Judah would be the fate of that clay pot. Shattered. Cast out.  

What could be done with such a people?  

In Isaiah 62, we find out. "You will be a crown of splendor in the LORD’s hand, a royal diadem in the hand of your God." - Isaiah 62:3.  

God would have mercy on the people who couldn't fix themselves. He would forgive the sins repeated and the sins shared. He would take their abominable and unforgettable sins and "remember them no more." And he would take a people consigned to the scrap pile and turn them into a crown.  

Our God works with the weak and the shameful, with sinners who don't live up to his name--sinners like you and me. He purifies and sanctifies. He would create what wasn't there and make us into the crown he wears. And he would take pride in us.  

Sovereign Lord, you name us as your people, you give us a destiny higher than we deserve. Help us to live the holy, disciplined, obedient lives that you call us to, and, when we fail, fill us with your glorious grace and inspire us for the days ahead. Amen.