Daily Devotions

What Are You Preaching?

If you surveyed a few dozens bystanders around town and asked them what Christianity's message is, what might they say? Perhaps something about morals or compassion for the needy or acting a little more like Jesus. Perhaps not. 

If you asked fellow Christians what this world really needs most, what might they say? Perhaps a recalibrated moral compass, something to shake them out of spiritual apathy, or maybe a community-building project. 

Any of those answers might be right, in part. In the church, we do speak about morals and following Jesus as an example. And we do understand that the world has only a flawed sense of wrong and right. 

But remember how St. Paul puts it, "this grace was given me: to preach...the boundless riches of Christ" - Ephesians 3:8. Let others preach God's richness to you, then scatter God's richness to the world. 

Lord Jesus, when you deal with us, you do so with deep tenderness and rich grace. Enable us, in turn, to preach that same message of tenderness and grace to others. Amen.