Daily Devotions

What Are You Proud of?

What are you proud of? What is your glory? What do your decorate yourself with? What do you want other people to know about you?  

The world may present what it considers valuable: diplomas, treasures, connection, accolades, and so on.  

But where does your Savior find his glory, his reputation, his renown? What does your Savior want you to know about him? He wants you to know about his compassion and his grace (Exodus 34:6). When Christ was asked to show himself to people who wanted to see him, do you know what he pointed them to? The cross (John 12). What did the Christ consider most important? Not a moment of divine power nor an event that displayed strength. Rather, what the Lord of heaven and earth wanted you to see and see again and again was this: the moment when he would give up his life for you.  

In that was his glory.  

Lord Jesus, you glory in redeeming the reviled, in saving those who, in the sight of the world, have little worth. Help us see with better eyes, how much you love the lowly, what you would do for sinners, even like us. Amen.